Most Viewed Paul Spector Blogs of 2022

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My first blog of 2023 is a look back at the most viewed Paul Spector Blogs of 2022. This retrospective sheds light on what topics resonated most with readers. More than half were posted in 2022, but there were some from 2021, and one from 2019 that still captures attention. One thing of note is that my “What Is” series took half the top 12 slots including number 1. They also occupy 4 of the top 5 for all time views. In these blogs I explain a concept or topic, some from the academic literature and some from popular media, such as the idea of quiet quitting. The feedback I have gotten is that people find them informative, and useful to explain concepts to students.

The Most Viewed Paul Spector Blogs of 2022

Coming in at number 1 is an explanation of the general media concept of quiet quitting. This is the third most viewed article since I began blogging in 2019, and was written only 4 months ago. My explanation of organizational climate, the first from the “What Is” series remains on the list since 2019, and is the most viewed ever of all my blog articles. Posted only a month ago, my student’s guide to IO cracked the list at number 12. Will it be among the top dozen a year from now?

I wish everyone a great 2023. I will continue to blog every week or two as time and inspiration allow.

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