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In February 2019 I began blogging. I generally post an article once every week or two, usually on Monday or Tuesday. I am a professor of business, and have been conducting research on the human side of organizations for decades. So I blog about industrial-organizational psychology and business management (human resource management and organizational behavior) issues. I blog about the human side of organizations, and sometimes I blog about the research methodologies we use to study people. One week I might blog about how to avoid discriminatory hiring practices and the next might be about leadership. I often blog about issues concerning employee health and well-being, and sometimes about the impact of technology. When my colleagues and I publish a new paper I will blog about that. Sometimes I blog about a new study that caught my eye. Subscribe to Paul Spector’s blog so you don’t miss an article.

Paul talks about why he started blogging.

I began blogging for two reasons. First, my son, an expert in media marketing, convinced me that I needed to replace my outdated 1990s university website with a modern one that could be displayed properly on a phone or tablet. He taught me how to create this website, and then he talked to me about blogging. Second, by 2019 I had been teaching executives in the business school for a few years, and I wanted to write for a broader audience than I had with my academic papers. I realized that blogging was a way to reach that audience.

Take a look at my blog and the topics that I have been covering. If you like what you see, subscribe at the bottom of this page. People have told me they use my blogs in their teaching; others for their applied work. And feel free to pass this on to others who might be interested. Also feel free to comment at the bottom of each article.

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