One major task in designing studies is locating appropriate assessments to measure what you have in mind. There are many resources available to help with this task. Here are instruments Paul and colleagues developed, as well as links to instruments and resources from others. Several publications that include instruments are provided as well.

And to learn how to make your own assessments, check out Paul’s Summated Rating Scale Construction.

  • Job Satisfaction Survey 2. An improved version of Paul’s widely used Job Satisfaction Survey. Only for commercial use.
  • Paul’s No Cost Assessments. Assessments Paul and colleagues have developed over the years to measure employee behavior, job satisfaction, personality, stress and other things. No cost for educational and research use.
  • Assessment Archive. This is a gateway to organizational assessments organized by topic with lists of scales that are available on Paul’s site and elsewhere.
  • Mental Health Assessment Archive. Companion website that has links to assessments for mental and physical health and well-being not specific to the workplace.
  • Assessment Websites and Resources. Links to assessments and information about assessments available on the web. You might have to contact owners of some of these assessments.
  • Assessment  Publications. Books and other publications that contain assessments and information about them.

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