Job Satisfaction

job satisfaction from assessment to intervention

Job Satisfaction: From Assessment to Intervention is a sequel to Paul’s highly cited (more than 10,000 times) out-of-print 1997 book Job Satisfaction. The book not only updates the original, but includes many new topics, including customer service, decent work, disabled workers, leadership, mental health, organizational climate, and other job attitudes.

The book is available from the publisher Routledge. Routledge is the publisher of the SIOP Organizational Frontiers Series.

Why Is Job Satisfaction Important?

Job satisfaction is the most frequently studied topic among organizational researchers. It is an important topic among academic researchers, and a frequent benchmark that is tracked by practitioners in organizations. It is linked to many important outcomes that affect employees and organizations including employee health/well-being, motivation, performance, and turnover. There are many employee and organizational factors that can potentially drive job satisfaction. The literature on the topic is immense, and this book provides an overview of what it is, how it is measured, potential drivers and consequences, and how organizations might improve it. The appendix provides the popular Job Satisfaction Survey that can be used free for noncommercial educational and research purposes.

Book Details

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. The Nature of Job Satisfaction
  • Chapter 2. The Assessment of Job Satisfaction
  • Chapter 3. How People Feel About Work
  • Chapter 4. Environmental and Job Factors
  • Chapter 5. Personality and Person-Job Fit
  • Chapter 6. Behavior and Performance
  • Chapter 7. Physical and Mental Health
  • Chapter 8. Interventions to Improve Job Satisfaction
  • Appendix; Index

Available in Three Formats

  • Hardback: 978-1-032-16852-4
  • Paperback: 978-1-032-16850-0
  • eBook: 978-1-003-25061-6
  • February 2022
  • 166pp; 8 illustrations

What If I Want the 1997 Book?

The original 1997 Job Satisfaction: Application, Assessment, Causes, and Consequences is now out of print.

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