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Paul is an author, blogger, researcher, and university professor.  He has taught industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology, business management, and research methods at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. He has conducted research on the human side of organizations for 4 decades. A 2012 Indiana University study and a 2019 Stanford University study listed Paul as one of the 10 most influential business management researchers worldwide.

Born in New York City, Paul spent most of his life in Florida. His initial education in business came from his parents who were entrepreneurs who owned several small businesses. He began college as a physics major, but an introductory psychology class changed his career direction. After graduation with a PhD in I-O Psychology he spent seven years in various academic and nonacademic positions in the nonprofit and public sectors. During that time he was Director of Planning for a nonprofit agency, and Director of Research for a mental health research institute. He returned to the USF Psychology Department in 1982 where he was a professor for 38 years, having retired from that position in 2020. Today he holds appointments at USF in the Muma College of Business, School of Information Systems and Management and the Department of Electrical Engineering. Highlights during his USF career include

Paul began blogging in 2019 to introduce concepts in I-O psychology and business management to a broad audience. He generally blogs once/week, usually on a Monday or Tuesday. His blogs cover a variety of topics including employee health and well-being, job-relevant hiring practices, and the impact of technology. Some blogs explain the results of recent research studies whereas others explain an important concept, such as adverse impact or psychological safety. The blogs have become popular among both academics and practitioners. Paul is also an accomplished book author who has written on both methodology (research design, scale development, and SAS programming) and content. His IO psychology textbook, Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Research and Practice is now in its 7th and soon to be 8th edition. His book Job Satisfaction is very high impact, having been cited more than 9000 times.

Paul has been interviewed many times in the media about his research and about the human side of organizations.


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