Interpersonal Conflict at Work Scale ICAWS Translations

ICAWS Chinese version From Liu, C., Spector, P.E., & Shi, L. (2007). Cross-National Job stress: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 28, 209-239.

ICAWS Hebrew version. From questionnaire with OCS and QWI. Information about the translation.

ICAWS Italian version From Barbaranelli, C., Fida, R., & Gualandri, M. (2013). Assessing counterproductive work behavior: A study on the dimensionality of CWB-Checklist. TPM-Testing, Psychometrics, Methodology in Applied Psychology, 20(3), 235-248.

ICAWS Polish version translated by Elżbieta Sanecka.

ICAWS Spanish version.

ICAWS Urdu version. By Rasul & Masood 2022, Foundation University Journal of Psychology.

Note: The ICAWS is copyright © 1997, Paul E. Spector and Steve M. Jex, All rights reserved.