Violence Prevention Climate Scale VPCS

The Violence Prevention Climate Scale (VPCS), originally called the Violence Climate Scale (VCS) is designed to assess individual perceptions of the extent to which organization management creates a climate that helps discourage employee exposure to physical violence and verbal aggression. The VPCS has three subscales: Policies and Procedures, Practices and Response, and Pressure for Unsafe Practices. In the original scale development sample, the internal consistencies (coefficient alphas) for the three subscales were .95, .90, and .90, respectively. The original scale had 18 items, but a shortened 12-item version is also available. Both versions can be downloaded below. Note that there was an error in the items shown in Table 1 in the Kessler et al. (2008) paper that is corrected here.


Conditions for Using the VCPS

VPCS 18-item original scale and 12-item shortened version. For more details on the VPCS development see Kessler, S. R., Spector, P. E., Chang, C.-H., & Parr, A. D. (2008). Organizational violence and aggression: Development of the three-factor Violence Climate Survey. Work & Stress, 22, 108-124.

Turkish 12-item version by Arş. Gör. Ahmet Yasin YEŞİLDAĞ, 2022.

Turkish 18-item version by Dursun et al. 2020.

Note: The VCPS is copyright © 2008, Stacey R. Kessler, Paul E. Spector, and Chu-Hsiang Chang, All rights reserved.