Job-related Affective Well-being Scale Translations

JAWS 20-item Finnish. From questionnaire with other scales.

JAWS 20-item German. From questionnaire with other scales.

JAWS 30-item Italian, translated by Dr. Georgios D. Kotzalidis, 2023.

JAWS 20-item and 30-item Polish translated by Kinga Kulczycka, 2017.

JAWS 30-item Portuguese.

JAWS 30-item Portuguese. translated by Brenda Johnson and Mario Alfonso.

JAWS 20-item Romanian.

JAWS 20-item Serbian 2017, translated by Vesna Pavlicevic Kukoleca.

JAWS 30-item Spanish.

JAWS 20-item Turkish.

JAWS 20-item Urdu. Translated by Saadiya Abbasi and Dr. Anila Kamal 2015