Blog Articles on Assessment for eSkill

I have written a series of blog articles on employment assessment for eSkill that appears on their website. These are targeted toward a nontechnical audience, such as business owners, HR professionals, and managers.

What Is Adverse Impact?

Adverse impact is a concept in American employee selection. It concerns fair practices that do not discriminate based on personal characteristics such as ethnicity, gender, or religion. It is determined by comparing the percentage of applicants who are hired in different groups, such as Whites versus various ethnic or racial minorities. Companies should track the percentages of applicants hired for various groups to be sure that adverse impact is not occurring. Steps should be taken to minimize it, if possible. More details are in the eSkill blog article.

The Five Most Important Skills for Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies provide temporary workers that fill in the gaps for companies that cannot meet all their HR needs with permanent employees. This article discusses the five most important skills required for clerical and administrative employees placed by staffing agencies.

Why You Should Use Employment Tests

There is a century of research showing that employment tests can help organizations make better hiring decisions. This article explains how employment tests can be helpful, and why organizations should not avoid using them.

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