Job Satisfaction Self-Assessment

People can use self-assessments to determine if they are satisfied with their jobs.

The Job Satisfaction Survey is an assessment tool that measures 9 facets of the job. It has been used in hundreds of studies to determine how people feel about their jobs, and about what might be potential antecedents and consequences. It has been used mainly for organizations to benchmark employee engagement and feelings about the job. Paul is now providing a job satisfaction self-assessment for individuals at no cost to self-assess their own job satisfaction. More details on the JSS can be found on the JSS page.

The Job Satisfaction Self-Assessment

The self-assessment displays all 36 items and allows you to indicate how much you agree/disagree with each one. At the bottom the scores for each of the 9 facets and overall satisfaction are displayed along with an indication of where most people fall for comparison. This is based on the American norms from more than 36,000 individuals. More precise norms for different occupations and industry sectors are also available. The displayed range was computed as +/- one standard deviation from the mean for each facet and total score.

Go To the Assessment

If you are ready, Click here to go to the self-assessment. When you are done, the link at the bottom will return you to the Job Satisfaction Survey page.

Commercial Uses

The JSS is provided at no cost for noncommercial educational and research purposes (conditions explained here). For commercial purposes, the JSS-2 is recommended as it is suitable for a broader range of occupations/organizations and has better psychometric properties. Details can be found on the JSS-2 page.

Learn More about Job Satisfaction

To learn more about job satisfaction, read Paul’s book Job Satisfaction: From Assessment to Intervention. The book is a comprehensive discussion of what is know about this popular topic. It covers potential factors that lead to job satisfaction and some of the possible consequences.

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