Job Attitudes

This page links to measures of job attitudes and motivation. The most often measured attitude is job satisfaction. There is more on the topic here.

Job Engagement and Motivation

Job Satisfaction

Commitment and Involvement

Miscellaneous Attitudinal Variables

  • Menon Empowerment Scale. Menon 2001, Applied Psychology: An International Review. Subscales of Perceived Control, Perceived Competence, and Goal Internalization. Long and short versions in English, French, and Spanish.
  • Perceived Organizational Support short-form. From Rhodes et al. 2001, Journal of Applied Psychology. Saks created a separate perceived supervisor support from some of the items.
  • Trust. Dietz et al., 2006, Personnel Review. Reviews/Provides 14 measures of trust from the literature. If you are looking for a trust measure, start here.