Behavior at Work

Assessments of behavior that goes beyond the workplace are in the other archive.

Counterproductive Work Behavior, CWB

  • Counterproductive Work Behavior Checklist CWB-C. CWB is three ways: Overall, OCB directed at organizations vs. people, and five dimensions of Abuse against others, Production deviance, Sabotage, Theft, and Withdrawal.
  • Ethical Sales Behavior. By Roman & Ruiz 2005, Journal of Business Research. Ratings by customers of salesperson’s behavior.
  • Workplace deviance. Bennett & Robinson 2000, Journal of Applied Psychology. Has subscales of organization and personal deviance.
  • Workplace deviance–non-self report. Stewart et al. 2009, Journal of Applied Psychology. Modification of the Bennett & Robinson deviance scale suitable for other-reports.
  • Unethical behavior. Akaah 1996, Journal of Business Ethics. Has list of behaviors rated for unethicality. This scale has been used to get ratings of unethical behavior by employees.

For target perspective on abusive and nasty behavior see social stressors in environment section.

Creativity and Innovation

Innovation. Scott & Bruce. 1994, Academy of Management Journal.

Miscellaneous Behavior

Organizational Citizenship Behavior, OCB

Task Performance