Assessments Available Elsewhere

Links To Assessments and Other Assessment Websites

Note: Some of the assessments listed on these websites may be copyrighted, so author permission would be needed to use them.

Academy of Management RM Division Measure Chest Library of scales–has citations and descriptions, but not the scales.

Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire Special issue of Scandinavian Journal of Public Health on this multi-dimensional scale.

HSE Critical Review of Psychosocial Hazard Measures

International Personality Item Pool Free measures of personality including Big Five

Malissa Clark’s Scale Page.: Scales for Workaholism, Behavioral Role Conflict, and Coping with Work and Family Stress.

Measuring Long-Term Care Work Instrument guide produced by US Departments of Health and Human Services and Department of Labor.

National Comorbidity Survey K10 and K6 mental illness scales

NIOSH Measurement Tools for Research and Practice. Focuses on occupational health and safety.

Oldenburg Burnout Inventory Paper uploaded to Research Gate.

Psychological Scales has reproduced a long list of scales on many topics, not all of them organizational.

Selected strain measures compiled by Valentina Bruk-Lee.

Selected stressor measures compiled by Valentina Bruk-Lee.

Shirom-Melamed Burnout and Vigor measures. In several languages.

Statistics Solutions. Statistical consulting company that maintains a list of scales, some of them work-related. Provides pay services to researchers and students.

Tim Judge’s measures page. Contains his Core Self-Evaluations Scale and other scales from his papers.

Wilmar Schaufeli’s scale page. Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES) in a variety of langagues and the Dutch Workaholism Scale (DUWAS) in a few languages.

Vas Taras’ website that has two catalogs of scales.