Personality Assessments

Additional personality assessments are on the companion site. Scales here are specific to the workplace or are commonly used by organizational researchers.

Core Self-Evaluation Scale, CSES. From Judge, Erez, Bono, & Thoresen, 1993

International Personality Item Pool. Free measures of dozens of personality traits including Big Five.

HEXACO Personality Inventory. No cost for noncommercial use. Available in more than 25 languages.

Political Skill Inventory. Ferris et al., 2005. Measures 4 dimensions of political skill.

Risk aversion. From Judge, Thoresen, Pucik, & Welbourne.

Tolerance for ambiguity. From Judge, Thoresen, Pucik, & Welbourne, 1999.

Wong et al. 2004 emotional intelligence scale.

Work Locus of Control Scale, WLCS.

Workplace Hostile Attribution Style Survey, WHAS.