Personality Assessments

If you don’t see it here, try my companion site that contains general personality assessments not specific to the workplace. It is organized by batteries, abilities, affective traits, cognitive traits, maladaptive traits, and values.

Core Self-Evaluation Scale, CSES. From Judge, Erez, Bono, & Thoresen, 1993.

Multidimensional Workaholism Scale MWS. Clark et al. 2020, Journal of Applied Psychology. Three dimensions of motivation, cognition, emotion, and behavior.

Organizational Psychological Capital. Luthans et al. 2007, Personnel Psychology.

Political Skill Inventory. Ferris et al., 2005. Measures 4 dimensions of political skill.

Power distance orientation. Dorfman & Howell, 1988, Advances in Comparative Management.

Risk aversion. From Judge, Thoresen, Pucik, & Welbourne.

Tolerance for ambiguity. From Judge, Thoresen, Pucik, & Welbourne, 1999.

Work Locus of Control Scale, WLCS. Spector, 1988, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.

Workplace Hostile Attribution Style Survey, WHAS.