Behavior of Leader

Health-Promoting Leadership

  • R.I.G.H.T. Leadership. Gulseren et al. 2021, Canadian Journal of Administrative Science. Measures five dimensions of healthy leadership model: Recognition, Involvement, Supporting growth & development, Emphasizing health & safety, Fostering teamwork.
  • Signs of Struggle (SOS) scale. Dimoff & Kelloway 2019, Work & Stress. Behavioral mental health checklist for managers to use with subordinates.

Leadership Style

  • Authentic Leadership Inventory, ALI. Measures dimensions of Self-Awareness, Balanced Processing, Internalized Moral Perspective and Relational Transparency. By Neider & Schriesheim, 2011.
  • Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire, LBDQ. Measures Consideration, Initiating Structure, and other dimensions. From the classic Ohio State Leadership Studies.
  • Servant Leadership Survey, SLS. Van Dierendonck & Nuijten 2011, Journal of Business and Psychology. Subscales of Accountability, Authenticity, Courage, Empowerment, Forgiveness, Humility, Standing back, Stewardship.
  • Transformational Leadership. Measures dimensions of Articulating a Vision, Foster Acceptance of Group Goals, High Performance Expectations, Intellectual Stimulation, Providing an Appropriate Model, Providing Individualized Support. By Podsakoff et al., 1990.
  • Transactional Leadership. Contingent Reward Behavior. By Podsakoff et al., 1990.

Leadership Types

Quality of Relationship with the Leader