I am an emeritus professor who has spent a career teaching and doing research about the human side of organizations. I have taught both industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology and business management at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels, and I have done research on organizations and the research methodologies used to study them. I was noted as one of the 10 most influential management scholars in a 2012 Indiana University study of combined academic and nonacademic impact. After teaching executive doctor of business administration students for a few years, I became interested in reaching a broader audience through blogging. I write  about issues concerning the management of organizations and research methodology.

Born in New York City, I have spent most of my life in Florida. My initial education in business came from my parents who were entrepreneurs with several small businesses.  I received my  BA in psychology, and a MA and Ph.D. in I-O psychology. After graduation I spent seven years in various academic and nonacademic positions. I returned to the USF Psychology Department in 1982 where I was a professor for 38 years. During that time I was the founding director of our interdisciplinary occupational health psychology (OHP) program. The OHP program bridges the Psychology Department with the NIOSH-funded USF Sunshine Education and Training Center (ERC), housed in our College of Public Health. I currently have a courtesy appointment in the Information Systems and Management School in the Muma College of Business at USF, where I continue to teach part-time in the executive Doctor of Business Administration ( executive DBA) program. From 2000 until summer 2015 I was director of the USF News and World Report 2nd ranked USF IO Psychology Doctoral Program.

My research interests include both the content and methodology of the field. Content areas concern the health, safety, and well-being of employees which falls under the category of occupational health psychology, My research is on accidents/injury, mistreatment/violence, stress, and counterproductive work behavior. Methodological areas are complex statistics and psychological measurement. I’ve published in many journals of the field, including Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Personnel Psychology, Psychological Bulletin, and Work & Stress. I’ve written books on both methodology (research design and SAS programming) and content, including an IO psychology textbook, Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Research and Practice, now in its 7th and soon to be 8th edition. A complete list of my publications is in my curriculum vita, Google Scholar, and ResearchGate. For more than 20 years I was Associate Editor for Point/Counterpoint for Journal of Organizational Behavior, and am currently Associate Editor for Work & Stress. My most active interests right now are workplace safety and violence exposure, and the nature of scientific inference. My most recent paper on that topic concerns the connection between research design and causal inference.

I have been interviewed many times in the media about my research and about the human side of organizations.

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