No Cost Assessments

Colleagues and I have developed a number of assessments to assess self-reported and other-reported psychological constructs. Each has been published in the literature and has been used in research. Each is copyrighted, but I will waive all fees and allow free use in return for sharing of results. References and updated information are provided.

Summated Rating Scale Construction explains our approach to developing these assessments.

Conditions for Free Use of these Assessments

The Assessments

Counterproductive Work Behavior Checklist, CWB-C

Factual Autonomy Scale, FAS

Information Security Climate Index, ISCI

Interpersonal Conflict At Work Scales, ICAWS

Job-related Affective Well-being Scale, JAWS

Job Satisfaction Survey, JSS. The JSS-2 is an improved version developed solely for commercial use.

Organizational Citizenship Behavior Checklist, OCB-C

Organizational Constraints Scale, OCS

Physical Symptoms Inventory, PSI

Quantitative Workload Inventory, QWI

Turnover Intentions

Violence Prevention Climate Scale, VPCS

Work Locus of Control Scale, WLCS